Construction / Demolition Permitting

RWRA requires permits for demolition of structures attached to the RWRA system.

Beginning March 1, 2005, Regional Water Resource Agency (RWRA) will require that a permit be purchased by Demolition Contractors from RWRA for any building or other structures scheduled to be demolished that is connected to the RWRA sewer system. This permit must be obtained prior to the initiation of the demolition work.

The cost of the demolition permit from RWRA will be $25 for all structures and will be in addition to the permit required from the City Community Development Department. This fee will help pay for the services provided by RWRA that are necessary when a building demolition occurs. Upon the acquisition of a permit, RWRA personnel will mark (BUD) the location of the sewer lateral to be capped (using best information available). Before installing a sewer lateral cap, the demolition contractor is further required to call RWRA at 687-8452, for inspection of the line. The cap is to be installed at the right-of- way or easement line, unless otherwise directed by RWRA. RWRA must have 24-hour notice prior to installation of the cap, in order to inspect the sewer lateral and tap; and RWRA must also inspect the installation of the cap.

Permits may be purchased at RWRA’s building at 2101 Grimes Ave. RWRA will allow in-county Demolition Contractors to purchase permits by phone (687-8452 – Bryan Henderson), and be billed monthly, as long as they remain in good standing with the Agency. Please contact Bryan to get registered so that you may obtain permits for demolition work. Failure to obtain the permit, call in for inspection and/or pay the bill on time will result in financial penalties, handling fees, finance charges, re-exposure of covered laterals for inspection, and/or loss of future monthly billing privilege or ability to obtain a permit.

Permit Payment Policies

If you question whether or not a structure has sewer service, please contact RWRA for clarification. Monies will be refunded on any permit issued that is later determined unnecessary.

Current Service Area

Permit Payment Policies

Police for Permit Fee(s) Late Payment Charges

RWRA shall allow in-county licensed plumbers and demolition contractors that are in good standing with RWRA, to pay on monthly billing basis for all wastewater related permit fees. Billings will be send out monthly, near the 1st of the month, but not later than the 10th of the month. Payments not received or postmarked by the 1st of the following month shall be subject to 1.0% finance charge, and shall be subject to an additional 1.0% finance charge the 1st of every subsequent month until payment in full is received. Additionally, a $20.00 handling fee shall be charged for each delinquent payment. Partial payments shall go towards finance and handling charges first, and then towards the delinquent permit fees. Payments delinquent beyond 60 days past due will also result in loss of monthly billing privileges and/or loss of ability to obtain additional permits from RWRA as is deemed appropriate by RWRA personnel. These lost privileges may be withheld for up to one year from the time full payment has been made.

Policy for Failure to Obtain a Permit from RWRA

RWRA shall assign penalties for failure to obtain permits prior to initiation of plumbing related construction activity that requires a permit from RWRA. Penalties shall be in addition to the permit fees, Penalties shall be in the following amounts:

Residential (single family) rebuild/repair reconnection permit $100.00
Demolition permit $100.00
All other connection permits 2 times applicable connection fee

Multiple violations of this policy and/or failure to pay fees and penalties promptly may further result in finance charges, loss of monthly billing privileges and/or inability to obtain additional permits as outlined in the above ‘Late Payment’ Policy; and/or increased penalties and/or work stoppages as are deemed appropriate by RWRA personnel.

RWRA Fees for Connection/Demolition/Taps

Lateral Maintenance and Tap Connection Policy