Bids Awarded

Sludge Removal & Hauling Services

5th Street Tunnel Grouting, Contract 2024-19

Auditing Services RFP #2024-20

Bulk Liquid Polymer for Sludge Dewatering Process, Contract 2024-18

Service Contracts: Construction Services (Small & Large Crew), Electrical, Fencing, Grout Pumping, HVAC, Industrial Pumping (Confined Space Entry), Industrial Pumping (Non-Entry), Machine Shop, Mechanical Service (Non-Entry), and Overhead Doors.

RFQ Long Term Control Plan Legal Services, Contract 2024-15

DC Fast Charging Station, Contract 2024-14

Two Diesel Utility Vehicles, Contract 2024-13

Single axle dump truck, Contract 2024-11.

Ready Mixed Concrete, Contract 2023-27

Lab Services, Contract 2023-26

Network & Cybersecurity Assessment, Contract 2023-20

David Hawes Plant & Joseph Murphy Operations Parking Expansion, Contract 2023-19

David Hawes Plant Non Potable Waterline, Contract 2023-17

CIPP-Cured In Place sewer pipeline rehabilitation Project FY 23-1, Contract 2023-13

SCADA Software Replacement, Contract 2023-18

Parkway Drive Interceptor, Contract 2022-09

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Contract 2023-11

Diesel Utility Vehicle, Contract 2023-12

Ready Mixed Concrete, Contract 2022-26

Special Inspection Services, Contract 2022-23

David Hawes Plant Maintenance Building Renovation Project, Contract 2022-22

Lab Services, Contract 2022-20

Polymers for Sludge Conditioning, Contract 2022-19

Ravine Sewer Replacement Project, Contract 2022-17

Lawn Care Services, Contract 2022-24

Town Square North Manhole Repair, Contract 2021-29

Baybrook Interceptor/Separation, Contract 2021-20

CIPP Cured in Place Sewer Pipeline Rehab, Contract 2021-19

Television Grouting and Inspection System 2021-15

Harmonics Mitigation (MRP PLC Upgrades-Ethernet) 2021-17

One Midsize Pickup Truck (2021-18)

Lawn Care Services (contract 2021-23)

Sludge Removal & Hauling Services (contract 2021-24)

Manhole Coating Rehabilitation FY 21-1 (contract 2021-25)

Carlton Drive Sewer Repair (RFP 2021-28)

Max Rhoads & David Hawes Clarifier Coatings (contract 2021-30)

Ready Mixed Concrete (Contract 2021-31)

Two (2) Tandem Axle Dump Trucks (Contract 2022-10)

RWRA Facility Fencing Upgrades (Contract 2022-11)

Town Square North Manhole Replacement, Contract 2021-29

Liquid Polymers for Sludge Dewatering Process for MRP, Contract 2022-14

One New Utility Vehicle (DHP), Contract 2022-18

Polymers for Sludge Conditioning, Contact 2022-19

Electric Car Charging Stations, Contract 2023-11